Below are various tasks we generally try to accomplish on Dock Day. If you are able, choose one (or more!) to complete, and using the form at the bottom of the list let us know what you have chosen.  If you know what date you’ll do this, let us know so that we can indicate that on the list (to avoid too much contact). We’ll update the list as we go along so that we all know what needs to be done.

Upstairs Clubhouse
Sweep Upstairs Porch
Sweep & Mop Ballroom (use wood cleaner)
Check and replace lights as needed (Christmas lights in Ballroom–new ones can be found behind the bar)
Mop & Thoroughly Clean Ladies Bathroom
Wash Windows Inside and Out
Mop & Thoroughly Clear Outside Men’s Shower
Sweep Stairs

Downstairs Clubhouse
Turn on water, check for leaks
Mop & Thoroughly Clean Men’s Bathroom
Sort And Hang Life Jackets
Mop Bos’n Locker & Bar
Mop Kitchen floor
Inventory and restock pantry (Vice Commodore)

Sweep And Hose Downstairs Porch
Mop & Thoroughly Clean Outside Restrooms and Showers
Clean up around dumpster
Clean Gas Grill
Clean Out Gutters
Rake Out Planted Areas Around Building
Rake and remove leftover leaves from fall
Carry out Grill and outside chairs
Carry Sunfish to Shore  
Put chairs and life jackets on pontoon boats
Refill fuel cans (Rear Commodore)
Check propane tanks and swap if needed (Rear Commodore)