Who:  Anyone who wants to learn about the handling of a canoe. All ages and abilities. Taught by Bill Sanderson, a seasoned canoeist who has navigated the Minnesota/ Canadian Boundary Waters for over 50 years. He is the author of Getting the Wilderness in You, which documents these trips.


  1. Getting in and out, and launching a canoe.
  2. How to paddle, forward, backward, sideways.
  3. Types of strokes, and seating options.
  4. Stabilizing, capsizing, and recovering.
  5. Paddling on flat water, waves, wind, and rapids.
  6. Anchoring, lining, weather, and wind direction.
  7. Packing and portaging.
  8. Tips for Kayaking

When:  June 10th 9:30am- 1:30 pm

Where:  Mohican Sailing Club

Why:  Learning to master the handling of a canoe can provide you with hours of pleasant time outdoors and on the water. The quiet moments of clipping along on a sunny day enjoying the beauty of nature and mastering the ability to get to your destination efficiently, provides you with great satisfaction and enjoyment.

Cost:  $30

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