Below are various tasks we generally try to accomplish on Un-Dock Day. If you are able, choose one (or more!) to complete, and using the form at the bottom of the list let us know what you have chosen.  If you know what date you’ll do this, let us know so that we can indicate that on the list (to avoid too much contact). We’ll update the list as we go along so that we all know what needs to be done.

  • Sweep/blow leaves from roof gutters
  • Shut off water service to porch and outdoor restrooms- To be done later with Mike Fulton’s supervision.
  • Clear ballroom, sweep and damp mop. Carry ashes from fireplace
  • Clean and put away garbage cans
  • Organize fo’c’s’l, sweep and damp mop
  • Carry out ashes from all three fireplaces
  • Organize, sweep, and damp mop area behind bar
  • Rake leaves from porches and planting areas around building
  • Sweep and damp mop stairs to ballroom 
  • Clean grill and bring inside for the winter.
  • Turn off water everywhere- this will be done upon Mike Fulton’s return


  • Empty pantry, thoroughly clean, replace contents in an orderly fashion (recalling the presence of mice)
  • Empty and clean refrigerator
  • Remove supplies of beer and soda for the winter
  • Secure supply of paper goods and food stuffs in mouse-proof containers—plates, cups, napkins, paper towels, toilet tissue
  • Organize and clean cleaning locker. Determine functionality of sweepers.
  • Empty and clean storage cabinets in galley
  • Empty and clean indoor trash cans
  • Assure an adequate supply of galley cleaning supplies for following year
  • Empty out any food items in galley cabinets (to keep from mice)

Heads (4)

  • Thoroughly clean, removing rust, from commodes and basins
  • Check for proper operation of heads
  • Remove supplies of soap, toilet paper and paper towels to mouse-proof containers
  • Mop floors
  • Empty and clean indoor trash cans
  • Prepare commodes for winter (To be done later with Mike Fulton’s supervision.) 


  • Pick up sticks and other debris from lawn
  • Rake/blow leaves from lawn. (Make sure gutters have been cleaned first)
  • Winterize mowers, including hand mowers
  • Mow lawn one last time if needed

Driveways and Parking Lots

  • Assess condition of driveway from road and to docks make note of any potential future repair needed in the spring